Meet Fénix Vida's Director: Kim Terry

As a businesswoman, mom of 2, divorcee, sister and friend, founder of Fenix Vida, Kim, understands how the pressures of modern life can negatively impact a woman’s health and wellbeing. Covid-19 had placed additional strain on the already weary shoulders of those burnt out by multi-tasking, self-neglect, trauma and abuse.

While exploring her journey of rebirth and transformation before and after overcoming cancer, Kim encountered several alternative therapies that awakened her senses and revived her passion for entrepreneurship. In her efforts to share this with others, Fenix Vida was born.

Fenix Vida is a holistic wellness Programme designed for the modern woman who needs a soul reset or just the extra motivation to keep going. Various alternative therapies such as bioresonance, intuitive energy healing and non-invasive therapies such as ultrasonic cavitation, body sculpting and last but not least, life coaching: work in tandem to change your mind, body and soul from the inside out.

Take charge of your present and shape your future with Fénix Vida. We’re here to help you along your journey of self-discovery and healing.

Why Choose Fénix Vida's Holistic Approach to Transformation

We recognize that each individual’s transformation journey is unique. While our treatments can aid in jumpstarting the process, we want to emphasize that they are not intended for extreme weight loss in cases of obesity. Instead, they complement efforts for individuals who are dedicated to engage in and maintain a holistic lifestyle. The Body contouring treatments will provide a jumpstart to get your ball rolling on your journey.

Holistic Transformation Beyond the Scale:

Our holistic approach to transformation is where the magic truly happens. We offer a combination of treatments that target not only the physical aspect but also the emotional and mental aspects of well-being. Our holistic transformation journey encompasses body contouring, energy healing, mindpower coaching, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your well-being is nurtured on your path to self-improvement.

Why the Holistic Transformation Matters:

We understand that everyone’s starting point is different. That’s why we emphasize the importance of holistic transformation. For individuals who exceed certain BMI thresholds, our holistic approach offers a foundation for building a healthier lifestyle. By integrating physical treatments with practices that foster emotional resilience, self-love, and mindfulness, we pave the way for a balanced and fulfilling transformation journey.


Our Mission and Vision


At Fenix Vida, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve holistic well-being, both physically and mentally. We are dedicated to providing transformative programs and services that inspire positive change, helping our clients discover their inner strength, and guiding them on a journey to radiant health and vitality. Through innovative holistic approaches, we aim to make well-being accessible, attainable, and sustainable for all. We strive to provide awareness on lifelong preventative and restorative holistic wellness for individual but especially for women. We want to offer a wholesome experience with practical, livable, healthy lifestyle approaches and therapies.


Our vision is to be a beacon of holistic wellness, guiding people towards their fullest potential and a life of vibrant health. We envision a world where every individual embraces the power of holistic transformation, fostering not only physical wellness but also mental and emotional harmony. We aspire to be a trusted partner on this transformative journey, providing unparalleled support and resources that inspire a profound shift towards holistic well-being, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life.