Bioresonance Remote Detox - 11 Days

What is it?

Fenix Vida’s Bioresonance Detox is the first step on your path to holistic transformation and successful weight loss!
At its core, the Bioresonance Detox is a cutting-edge approach that harnesses the body’s own energy to kickstart your journey towards wellness.

Imagine a process that helps your body release toxins, reinvigorate energy levels, and shed those stubborn pounds – all while embracing a holistic mindset. With our Bioresonance Detox, we’re tapping into your body’s natural frequencies to create harmony and balance within.

Through gentle and non-invasive techniques, we’re able to identify and address imbalances that might be affecting your weight loss goals. This process supports your body in letting go of accumulated toxins that could be hindering your progress. By promoting a state of equilibrium, your body can function optimally, making weight loss more achievable and sustainable.

But the remote Bioresonance Detox is not just about physical changes. It’s a holistic experience that aims to bring about a sense of well-being on all levels – mind, body, and spirit. As you embark on this journey, you’ll find yourself embracing healthier habits, fostering mindfulness, and nurturing a positive relationship with your body.

Our team of dedicated experts will guide you every step of the way, tailoring the holistic transformation process to your unique needs.
Together, we’ll unlock the potential for transformation that resides within you.

Experience the power of Fenix Vida’s remote Bioresonance Detox today, and embark on a journey that goes beyond weight loss – a journey towards holistic wellness and a revitalized you.

Detox days run as follows:

1: Remove Metals

2: Remove Metals

3: Remove Chemical Materials

4: Remove Systemic Toxins 1

5: Remove Systemic Toxins 2

6: Remove Intestinal Toxins, Remove Systemic Toxins 3

7: Parasites and Liver Function

8: Kidney Function 1

9: Kidney Function 2, Cleanse Blood

10: Kidney and Liver Toxins, Intestinal Parasites

11: Lymphatic System 1, Lymphatic System 2