LaserLipo Diode Pads: Illuminating Your Path to Targeted Fat Reduction

What is LaserLipo? How does Laser Lipo work?

Welcome to our LaserLipo Diode Pads page, where modern technology meets your desire for targeted fat reduction. Let’s explore the world of laser lipo and how these diode pads can help you achieve a more contoured and confident you.

While Fat Freeze uses cold temperatures to eliminate fat in small, localised areas, Laser Lipo treats larger areas with heat.

Laser Lipo is sometimes referred to as ‘laser-assisted liposuction’ because it produces the effects of surgical liposuction using laser-generated heat. This heat softens and liquefies fat before it’s flushed out of the body. Laser Lipo is a painless, non-surgical treatment to reduce cm’s in stubborn fatty areas such as the tummy, thighs, buttocks, upper arms or calves. 

What areas of your body can you treat?

LaserLipo is a minimally invasive treatment that can remove unwanted fat from the a number of treatment areas, such as:

  • chin
  • hips
  • abdomen
  • calves 
  • upper arms
  • thighs
What can you expect during the laserlipo treatment?

Diode Pads will be placed on each treatment area for about 30 minutes per session. During your session you may feel a slight sensation of warmth but the procedure is painless. The mini paddles are then removed and you’re done! It’s that quick and easy to lose cm’s. Many clients don’t feel any sensations and enjoy the downtime as a moment of self-care. Rest assured that this is a very effective treatment though!

Keep in mind that the area being treated will be exposed for a short period of time. During the actual treatment, however, your body will be completely covered.

This non-invasive treatment is not a cure for obesity and is not recommended for serious weight loss. 

What are the recommended Laserlipo sessions and how are they scheduled?

Recommended Treatments: Several sessions are usually recommended to achieve noticeable results. 6-8 sessions in a regimen. More than one regimen might be required depending on the amount of fat or loose skin in the area.

Scheduling: Initial sessions can be scheduled 2-3 times a week for a few weeks. After achieving your desired results, maintenance sessions can be scheduled once every 1-2 weeks.

What results can you expect from laser lipo?

Everybody is different, but most people can see an improvement in the treatment area after just one session. Areas that are ‘fattier’ to begin with may require a few sessions to show results. Skin tightening is very effective.

Another reason Laser Lipo has become such a popular fat reducing treatment is because while the laser softens the unwanted fatty areas, the heat of the laser helps to tone the skin around the removal area at the same time. Clients absolutely love the results they see! 

Is LaserLipo safe for everyone?

Laser Lipo is safe and effective at eradicating fat cells in localised areas without the need for surgery. Pregnant woman should however not do any body contouring treatments. Consult your healthcare practitioner if you have any conditions or concerns that may affect your treatment. 

Before and After Treatment Advice:

Prior to your Laser Lipo Diode Pads session, it’s a good idea to stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet. After treatment, you might notice a boost in your metabolism, so staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can enhance your results.

If you’re seeking a targeted approach to fat reduction without surgery, Laser Lipo Diode Pads might be the solution you’ve been looking for.
Step into the world of targeted transformation with Laser Lipo Diode Pads – illuminate your path to a more contoured, confident you!