What I wish I knew, and what I know now.

I’d never heard of Bioresonance before I discovered Fenix Vida – a health and wellness space tucked between the hustle and bustle of a busy business hub. I have to admit that I love complimentary therapies but I’m also not too whoo-hoo. I don’t sage the house or collect crystals or read my horoscope (much) but the idea that everything is made of and influenced by energy is something I can get on board with 100%. So, when Bioresonance therapy was introduced to me, I was keen to give it a try.

What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance therapy has been called ‘the medicine of the future.’ It uses a machine to measure the
frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body. The idea is that damaged cells emit
different electromagnetic waves and this information is used to identify bacteria, parasites, or
disease. The machine then calculates the exact frequency your cells need to function optimally and
sends these waves back to the damaged cells so the body can start to heal itself.

Sound farfetched? Maybe but as a non-invasive procedure, I kept my initial consultation fascinated
by what the machine might detect. Electrodes were placed on my skin in two areas and the machine
started scanning my body – completely painlessly. The results, however, were amazing.

My first experience with Bioresonance

I’ve often joked in the last couple of years that there’s this pocket of pain floating around various parts of my body – between my shoulder, my lower back, right knee, left temple and recurring middle ear infections I was always experiencing some sort of pain. The machine detected these areas much to my amazement and while I felt no difference at the time, waves were sent back to these areas to allow them to vibrate at their natural, balanced frequency.

I had also been battling the ‘100 day’ cough. After a few bouts of COVID-19, colds,  flu and bronchitis, I just couldn’t shake the constant cough. It’s hard to explain but my lungs just didn’t feel healthy.

I couldn’t believe how the machine identified the viruses and bacteria in my lungs – and the source of my overall low mood and tiredness.

After an hour or so or detecting damaged cells and transmitting the right frequency back to these cells, I left the spa embarking on my 11-day remote detox without giving it too much thought. I wasn’t planning to go on a diet or make huge changes to my uncomfortable but familiar time-pressured, over-scheduled routine. I had enough going on – as most of us do – and I really wasn’t up for cutting out whole food groups or going from the couch to 5kms in a hurry.

But it wasn’t long before I noticed a series of subtle but pretty remarkable changes. Here’s what I found:


My mind and body’s need to rest

This sounds obvious but I’m guilty of not honouring my need to rest. I would regularly fight sleep to continue overthinking or go down the Netflix hole or anything to just feel like I had some time to myself. Giving in to my mind and body’s desire to sleep was like giving up somehow and maybe a roll over from constant broken sleep and exhaustion when my child was an infant and I was raising him as a single mother and business owner. But without thinking about it too much, I found myself going to bed earlier, calmer, and grateful for the time to rest. Like I said, sounds like small thing – but it was profound for me.

Fewer cravings

My diet has been inconsistent and less than ideal. Basically, a vicious cycle of cramming in fast calories for energy to crashing and feeling too tired to prepare something healthy. Again, without thinking about it too much, I started craving fresh wholefoods. Sounds strange but I wanted the ‘life’ that came from fresh foods and water. My body knew what it needed, and mind was quiet and rested enough to listen to it.

Less physical pain

Speaking of listening to my body – the recurring and persistent muscle spasms and middle ear infections quickly dissipated. It wasn’t overnight but by halfway through my 11-day remote detox, the stored tension that ruled my mood started to fade. Maybe it was a combination of resting more, hydrating, and stressing less – I’m not sure how exactly it happened but my body pain disappeared completely by the end of the detox.

These were all incredible changes for me to make that didn’t feel like a huge uphill battle. But there were a few more benefits I wasn’t expecting:

Reduced PMS symptoms

In the last couple of years, symptoms of PMS and hormonal fluctuations have gotten worse. Even when I know it’s PMS, the depression, headaches, constipation, back pain, and pelvic pressure make me miserable. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt much more in tune with and less of a victim of
my menstrual cycle. I also had lighter periods with less clotting for fewer days. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Holy smokes

As a reluctant smoker, I’ve kicked the habit several times, only to pick it up again when things get a little harder then usual. I had read somewhere that a study had been conducted on the efficacy of Bioresonance for smoking cessation. The findings of the study were positive that Bioresonance could help people to stop smoking, but I didn’t anticipate any changes in that department. But during my detox, I almost ‘naturally’ smoked less. I wasn’t trying to stop but had fewer cravings and less desire to smoke in general. Something I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t experienced it myself.

So here’s what I know so far from my experience with Bioresonance:

I know now Bioresonance therapy is certainly a journey but so much more powerful than other therapies I’d tried. Definitely more effective than massage or needling or hypnotherapy or similar. It was the subtle changes that surprised me the most – the unforced natural inclination for my mind, body, and soul to be in balance and well.

This is our natural state. But it’s so easy to forfeit this natural wellness to be busy, productive, over worked, over committed, and without boundaries or fulfilment outside of work, family, and finances. It really made me question my own transformation – whether I give myself the space and tools to make the changes that frustrate me and keep me from feeling well.

That alone was enough to keep me going on my Bioresonance journey and looking forward to allowing my body’s combined wisdom with my head and heart to refresh, renew and restart.

Book your session and join me for Part II of my Bioresonance journey coming soon!

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