Restart Coaching

Restart Coaching: Ignite the power of your mind

You can carry extra weight simply because you need to change a few habits mindfully. Or you could carry weight because of your beliefs, negative self image or emotional coping mechanisms. Whichever you are, changing your body comes down to changing your mindset. 

Mindpower Lifestyle coaching helps you to literally transform your mind, help you release distorted thoughts and encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and honour your body. We’re here to guide you on your transformational journey to looking, feeling and living your best self. 

Fénix Vida can help you get there!

At Fénix Vida, transformational coaching is guided by 3 principles: 

You are a whole being

We take the time to get to know you personally. We want to know your strengths, your challenges, and what motivates you and stops you from achieving your goals.

We know that healthy weight loss or body self image isn’t isolated to just your body. We design programmes especially for you based on your lifestyle, your overall health and your mindset. Our holistic approach to health and wellness gives you the best chance of sustained success and transformation. We guide you to harness the strength of your mind, enabling you to overcome challenges, build positive habits, and achieve lasting transformation.

You are well when your body, mind and soul are in harmony 

You cannot outrun or outlive your thoughts. Your thoughts have a massive impact on your actions and your results. Sometimes we are unaware of how strongly connected our emotions are to our mind and thoughts and unintentionally allow it to take up unnecessary space in our lives. 

We help you change your mindset to a healthy one for weight loss. We work with you to change negative thoughts about your weight, your body and your lifestyle to positive ones. We work closely with you to encourage you to make positive choices and improve your motivation to achieve success on your holistic journey of healing your mind, body, and soul.

You are not alone on your journey 

You are responsible for your results but we are here to guide you and encourage you to be intentional and claim the success of your goals. Together, we create a trusting partnership of support, accountability and celebration throughout your journey of healing and well-being.