Hello Spring

Spring Once-off Treatments

LaserLipo Pads

Smart Lipo or Diode Laser

Laser wavelengths gently melts fat to be easily removed through the lymphatic system. Suited for spot treatments and larger areas. 

Treatment Duration:
45 Minutes


Ultrasonic Cavitation & Radio Frequency

Break down fat cells, reduce cellulite and give skin a healthy glow. Tighten skin and stimulate collagen development. 

Treatment Duration:
45 Minutes

Fat Freeze


Freezing temperatures are used to destroy stubborn fat and rid it from the body. Lose 25% fat per treatment 

Treatment Duration:
45 Minutes


Muscle Sculpting Treatment

Muscle Activation. Body/Muscle Sculpting and Fat Elimination in one treatment. 30-minute session = 20000 sit-ups or squats.

Treatment Duration:
30 Minutes


Full Health Scan

Alternative complimentary therapy that measures the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body.

120 Minutes