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fenix vida transformation challenge highlights are:


Experience bioresonance therapy, harmonizing your body's energy for holistic wellness and balance during your transformation journey.

Body Contouring

Our body contouring treatments like Liposlim; LaserLipo; MuscleSculpt and Fat Freeze will jumpstart your cm loss, ensuring your hard work shines through.

Lifestyle Coaching

Everything starts with a thought. Our coaching input will guide you to make lasting changes, empowering you to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

VARIED Fitness

From heart-pumping workouts to mindful exercises, our fitness program offers diverse routines to elevate your strength and vitality.


Prioritize your well-being with our intuitive wellness sessions, promoting digestive health; mental clarity and emotional balance throughout your journey.


Recharge your body and soul with self-care rituals that nurture your inner self, fostering a sense of self-love and rejuvenation.

"I absolutely loved my experience at Fenix Vida, Kim and her team certainly to put the WHOLE in holistic, she genuinely takes care in her consultation getting to know who you are, what you want to accomplish in order to formulate the best treatment plan for your needs..."
Cherine Feneysey

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More than just a challenge

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fenix vida

Bioresonance Full Health Scan + 11 Day Remote Detox; Weight Management Frequencies and Daily Wellness sent to Participants DNA. Intuitive Healing to assist with stagnant energy blockages. Body Contouring to assist with eliminating stubborn fat and skin tightening. Lifestyle coaching to empower your journey with holistic guidance.


30 day Ultimate Health Simulation helping each of you find what true health means to you. You will learn about what drives your behaviour and how to tweak your habits to steer you towards a more meaningful, healthy and satisfying life, centred around Self responsibility balanced with fun and freedom.


We provide specialised products to treat a wide range of ailments. We believe in the healing power of herbal medicine, and we want people to experience the success that comes from using quality herbal products. Remember, nothing heals the body – the body heals itself when provided with what it needs!


Has stress sucked out all your vitality? Learn to connect – breathe, relax and enjoy – stress less, cope better, live more.
Yoga provides a safe space to explore what your mind and body are capable of right now in this moment – forget about the past or the future – be present in the now!

Beautifully balanced

Beautifully Balanced Hypnotherapy uses simple hypnosis to help you change the way you deal with those things in your life you’d like to change or resolve, and improve and enhance the things in your life that make you happy and successful. Are you ready to make the transformation you deserve?

radiance wellness

Digestive health is integral to feeling happy, healthy, and well. Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation or colonic cleansing, involves flushing the colon with fluids to remove waste. It’s a practice that’s been around since ancient times, and the benefits are based on the premise that digestive waste can be a toxin to the body.

Body pulse ems

Did you know that Electro-stimulation helps you to eliminate excess fluid from the body used as an effective lymphatic drainage massage? It eliminates the toxins and metabolic waste that accumulate in the first layers under the skin. This also contributes to a healthy and effective weight loss.

air fit studio

People often look at acrobatics and think “there’s no way I could do that” and feel intimidated. We want to break through these misconceptions, to show that these skills can be achieved by anyone, and that you’ll have a blast while doing it! Classes include aerial silk, hoop, hammock, aerial yoga, pole dance fitness and acrobatics.


Spending some time alone in a relaxing environment is a great way to practice self-care. With this luxury spa offering, you will feel your absolute best, as it ensures that you are treated from head to toe and focuses on key parts of the body that is prone to stress. A little bit of self-care goes a long way and will make you feel great both physically and mentally.


Getting regular pedicures and manicures is a great way to maintain healthy nails and keep them looking their best. But it’s not just about the physical appearance – it’s also about self-care. Taking time to pamper yourself and indulge in a little relaxation can do wonders for your mental health, which in turn can improve your self-confidence.

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