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Treatment Areas

Double Chin & Jawline

Although a double chin very common, it is something that makes many people self-conscious. Fortunately a double chin is not typically an indication of an underlying health issue, it’s simply a layer of fat formed under the chin.

This layer of fat may accumulate for several reasons. It could be genetic, or due to fluctuations in weight. It could also be due to a loss of elasticity in the skin. Whatever the reason for your double chin, there is a non-invasive treatment available to reduce the fat layer under the chin. 


Belly fat accumulates around the abdomen usually as a result of a poor diet, little to no exercise, and stress. Losing belly fat is a common goal for many people for both aesthetic and health reasons. 

There are two main types of belly fat, namely;

Visceral Fat
This is the fat that is deep inside of your body,  surrounding your organs. Having high levels of visceral fat is associated with numerous health risks. Consult your healthcare practitioner to discuss treatment options for losing visceral fat. 

Subcutaneous Fat
This is the layer of fat that sits directly under the skin. This type of fat is less harmful to your health but is sometimes extremely difficult to get rid of. All our painless, non-surgical treatments are designed to reduce belly fat. 

Love Handles & Hips

Love handles are the areas of skin that extend outwards from your hips. Like a double chin, love handles are a common problem area and often make people feel self conscious in (and out of) their clothes! 

Love handles are caused by fat retention. In other words, fat cells gather in your body when you consume more calories than you burn. Over time these fat cells can become noticeable as they begin to gather in certain areas, like your hips. Fat can gather anywhere in your body, but certain factors can increase the likelihood of your body retaining fat in your hips. These factors include:

  • hormones
  • age
  • a lack of physical activity
  • high calorie diets
  • lack of sleep deprivation
  • Hyperthyroidism or underactive thyroid


Aside from the health dangers of extra weight, love handles aren’t a sign of a serious condition but reducing love handles and hips with the proper diet, exercise and Refresh treatments may help boost your overall health.

Upper Arms

Why is arm fat a much bigger problem in women than in men? On average, women have 6 – 11 % more body fat than men. The reason is that women’s bodies do amazing things. Women’s bodies need to prime for childbearing, which means that they often find it challenging to lose fat in areas like their upper arms.

Flabby upper arms often make many people feel self-conscious, especially when you have to show your arms in summer clothing, and wearing long sleeves 24/7 is not an option. Where you hold fat is in the main determined by your genetics. The fat on your arms may hold on for longer than in other areas but positive results are possible! Contact us to discuss one of our treatment options.  

Legs & Buttocks

Your legs and buttocks are areas where fat gathers and causes cellulite. Cellulite is a common and harmless but makes many women shy about showing any lumpy, dimpled skin on their thighs and buttocks.

People often try, with no success, to reduce the appearance of cellulite through diets, exercise, massages, and creams marketed as a solution for cellulite. The results are often not immediate or long-lasting. Laser-based treatments have become a popular solution for treating cellulite due to it’s unparalleled results.